Thing 2

I am a school librarian.
I have worked at the same school since 2001.
Every year something happens that concerns me.  A Year 9 English class is brought into the library and told to chose a reading book. When a number of them, usually the majority, gravitate towards the young adult literature rather than 'senior fiction' they are reprimanded. Every pupil is made to take a book from the senior fiction section.
Some of them, some who have been in and out of the library regularly, never borrow another book. One sixth-former once told me, quite wistfully, that he was sad that he rarely visited the library 'any more'. He went on to tell me that it was because he had been made to borrow a senior fiction book and struggled with it.
Part of my frustration is that many of the senior fiction books they are made to borrow are trashy in comparison to much more thoughtfully written books by YA authors.
I'd be interest to know what others think.


  1. Hi, my name is Kris, I'll be your moderator for Rudai 23 and will be following along with your blog and commenting from time to time. Thanks for singing up, and for this post! I understand your frustration, it must be disheartening watching people be discouraged by what looks like a case of foisting one's literary tastes on others. Hopefully the teacher will open their mind a bit at some point!

    I look forward to your further posts!

    1. Hi Kris, Thank you for your comment and your encouragement. I have been reading the assignments but am slightly stalled because of technology problems. I need to replace my phone in order to install the apps. Also, I started a blog for the school library before I began this one; some of the student helpers were really keen and began contributing to it...but the school ICT has removed the blooger app from the school google accounts. Very frustrating. There is so much good stuff that is blocked by the filters.
      The blog will be updated with Things 3, 4 and beyond very soon!


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